Our Mission

Our main goal is to establish an eye clinic that provides high quality services.  We offer an integrated preventative eye care service by combining refraction, specialized spectacle and contact lens fitting, visual function testing and medical treatment in a professional setting.  We hope to increase our client's quality of life with early detection of visual dysfunctions and eye diseases.  Since we work directly with a contact lens laboratory, we strive for a client-oriented, lab-to-clinic customization of a wide array of contact lenses.  



Our Services       


In addition to general eye care, we offer specialized examinations that follow international standards, catering to patients of all ages. 

These services include:

1.     Newborn-3 years: Infant lazy eye and eye turn evaluation

2.     3-6 years: Pre-school visual function check up

3.     6-18 years: School-age nearsightedness control and prevention

4.     18-40 years: Premature aging and visual fatigue prevention

5.     40-60 years: Management of near vision dysfunctions

6.     60 years and older: Management of degenerative eye diseases


Contact lens evaluations and fitting:

1.     Nearsightedness control

2.     Rigid Gas Permeable

3.     Progressive Soft

4.     Post LASIK specialty

5.     Pediatric specialty



By using the latest cutting-edge optometric technology and ophthalmic instruments, you can expect to receive the best comprehensive eye examination and vision care.  Our staff consists of Taiwanese and American board-certified optometrists and ophthalmologists.  Contracted by the SOS International medical services for more than 10 years, we provide a friendly English-speaking environment.  So please come to us with your eye care needs.  In order to provide a quiet, private and comfortable setting for all our patients, an appointment is needed for each visit.